Updated: Oct 20, 2021


​ ​ Make your own Lotions ​ Lotions are based on naturally available ingredients, hence these can be used on both face and body. Basic Ingredients are a very few. However based on the needs, it could be customized. ​ 1. Beeswax 2. Shea Butter 3. Emulsifying wax (Natural) 4. Distilled Water 5. Rose water ​ ​ Just melt them (1-3) together on a double boiler, mix and add them to distilled water and Rose water mix. Now blend them using a beater/blender. Voilla! Ready to use. ​ Shelf Life: Since these lotions contain water as its base, it cannot be kept for more time even when refrigerated. It should be used within a week. ​ Quantity/Batch: Make small batches per week and make them when ever you want! ​ Order: If you would like to order our NaturalISGood "White Beauty" Lotion, click here ​

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